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What is a casino bonus?

If you consider playing at online casinos in the US, you can benefit from various bonuses. Online casino bonuses can be extra spins, free money or different kind of deposit bonuses. Depending on the site you are playing on, the bonus can be given to new or existing gamblers in sign up packages, loyalty, reload, or standard promotion. Always familiarize yourself with the best bonuses available to make the most out of them. In our top-list we have listed all bonuses available to make it easier for you as a player to choose the best bonus available.

Why compare bonuses?

How many times do you have to wager? Is there any hidden terms & conditions?

We have tried every casino bonus that we list here in our top-list. For us it’s very important that you get all the information you need in order to take a decision on which casino bonus to choose. All casinos today offers some kind of reward program or deposit bonus to attract players, therefore it’s important that you get the best!

We give you the information you need

It’s easy to get attracted by the big bonuses that the casino offers. That’s why it’s important that you know exactly what terms & conditions they have. There is a common saying “The house always wins” which is very correct and have to be taken into consideration also when choosing a bonus. Make sure you get the best value from each casino.


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Which Casino Site to Choose?

We can see that almost every week a new online casino launches. Therefore it can be a bit tricky to decide which online casino to choose. We would like to suggest that you try a few different and after that decide the one you like the most. When staying loyal to one online casino we can assure you that you will be added into a reward program and rewarded for your loyalty the more you play. It’s the same as in Las Vegas but from the comfort of your mobile or desktop.

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Different types of Casino Bonuses in the US

Online casinos operating within the US provide players with several bonus offers as a incentive for them to play and stay loyal to the platforms. There is an array of bonuses and promotions as outlined below:

The no deposit bonus

The no deposit casino bonus refers to cash or free spins that a casino offers to players before making any deposits. It typically means that you are allowed to play risk-free. However, most no-deposit bonuses come with stringent terms and conditions. Some subject your winnings to higher wagering requirements before you are allowed to make withdrawals. There is also some cases where you have maximum winning amounts on free money. Always read the terms and conditions before playing.

Welcome bonuses

The welcome bonuses, in some cases called sign up bonuses. The bonus is available at most online casino sites in the US. Welcome bonuses are popular incentives that target new players. Typically, casino sites use the bonus to encourage new players to try their casino. To receive the welcome bonus, you must first register on the site and make your first deposit. Together with that, you will be entitled to receive the welcome bonus, which you can use to play on your preferred casino games. Some online casinos offer up to 100% match-up welcome bonuses. As such, your welcome bonus will be equal to the initial deposit you make. For example, should you deposit $1000, you will receive an extra $1000 as a welcome bonus.

Reload bonus

The reload bonus is similar to the welcome bonus. However, this bonus targets existing players and purposely seeks to reward them for their loyalty. The casinos also use the bonus to encourage players to continue playing at a casino, especially after a long period of inactivity in their accounts.

Refer a friend bonus

This is not very common yet in the US. As the name suggests, you will get this online casino bonus every time you refer a friend to sign-up and deposit with a particular casino site. The types of refer-a-friend casino bonuses may vary depending on the online casino. However, the most common types include those that give a fixed amount of free cash after a successful referral and those that provide an amount calculated according to the sum of real money that your friend makes as an initial deposit. What we seen in other countries is that they mostly give free spins so that might also be the future.

Loyalty bonus

A loyalty casino bonus seeks to reward players for several good actions on their part. It is a payback given to a player for staying loyal to a given casino site. Depending on the casino, you can get a loyalty bonus after making deposits and wagering on specific sports or casino games. The most common loyalty bonuses are in the form of cashback that is tiered to additional rewards. Loyalty reward is one of the best bonuses for retaining customers.

Cashback bonus

Cashback bonus refers to refunds that an online casino makes to your wagering account when you lose your funds (all or part of it). It can be calculated as a percentage of your total losses over a specific period. Most US casinos may allow between 5 to 25 percent refunds of your losses. Because cashback bonuses are rare to come by, should you get an opportunity, ensure you make the most of them.

VIP bonuses

VIP bonuses target the players who often make large deposits, at most casinos this is the same as a loyalty bonus. These beneficiaries are usually the high roller veteran players who move large sums of money in their casino accounts. Unlike the other types of bonuses, the VIP casino bonus may not be open to every other casino player.

Banking bonus

It is common for some US online casinos to offer banking bonuses to their loyal players. Typically, this type of bonus is used by casino owners and payment providers to promote and popularize a specific banking method. For you to receive the bonus, you must deposit or withdraw using the preferred method. The banking bonus may also come in the form of free spins that you receive once you use the ideal banking method which the casino site is promoting. Mostly we seen this on methods like skrill and paypal.

The Deposit match-up bonus

Typically, in a deposit match up bonus, the casino matches the deposit you make with the same amount. For instance, if a punter deposits $500, he will get an extra $500. Depending on the casino platform, you can get a bonus when making a single deposit or making several deposits. The deposit match bonus is commonly offered to new players, although some casinos use it from time to time to reward loyal players.

Free spins

Online casinos can allow players to play free slot games, mostly this bonuses is used as signup offers where the player can try a casino for free. Important to know is that you will be able to win real money on this. However, in most casinos, winnings from the free spins are subjected to wagering requirements before you can make withdrawals.

How to choose an ideal casino bonus

Because casino bonuses are not equal, there are a few things to consider before picking one. These include:

  • Amount – The amount on offer should influence your choice. Before you choose a bonus, compare the amounts available in different categories and sites. Go for a bonus that provides an opportunity for maximum winnings
  • Validity period – Most bonuses are only valid for a limited period. Look for a bonus that features more extended validity periods. It enables you to play several times before the validity period lapses.
  • Percentage – If you are using the welcome bonus, look at the rates on offer and go for the best bonuses. Some offer 100 percent match ups, while others provide a higher percentage of up to 200 percent. The choice here is rather obvious.
  • The games – Before you register at a given casino platform, check whether the bonus on offer can be used to play your preferred game. In some online casinos, bonuses cannot be used to play some games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it always good value with a casino bonus?

The short answer is now. There can be terms & conditions which makes it hard to convert the bonus to real money.

Which casino has the best bonus?

Compare the bonuses in our list and you will see which matches your needs the best.

Can you win real money with bonuses?

Yes, you can always wager the bonus until it becomes real money.

Match-up bonus or cashkback bonus?

We always suggest a good match-up bonus with low wagering.

You are always welcome to send in your questions to us. We are happy to reply and the most common questions we add here to help other players.

Do I have to pay tax on my winnings?

All casinos on our website operate with a license. Some of them in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and others. That means that you will have to pay the 24% tax. We suggest that you read more about it to make sure you follow the rules.

How to know a casino site is legal

It is crucial to play only on legit casino sites, guaranteeing that your money and personal information are secure. Consider the following tips to determine the legitimacy of a site:

  • Documentations – Legit sites are registered and licensed. The ideal sites should willingly provide their registration and license details to you upon request. Most legit websites openly display their registration and licensee number. You will find this in the footer of the site or in the “About us” section of the site.
  • Read reviews – It is essential to read what other users say about the site you are using. You can read reviews from actual people on our casino review pages.
  • Withdrawal methods – You should also check the site’s withdrawal methods. Avoid any site that makes it hard for you to make withdrawals. An ideal site should allow you to make withdrawals any day and at any time.

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Which states allow gambling in the US?

In a recent landmark ruling, the federal law against gambling was overturned. Consequently, several states have moved to legalize sports betting and online casino within their jurisdiction. As of June 2020, all USA states except Utah, Idaho, and Wisconsin have either legalized various forms of online gambling activities or are in the process of setting up rules that seek to legalize them.

Before the ruling, Nevada was the only state which allowed wagering on the result of a game. Before you play on an online casino site of your preference, it is essential to check first whether the site is legal in your state. Today there is only four states allowing online casino and you will need to be within that state to play. Best is that you don’t need to live there to gamble, it’s enough that you are within the state. So make sure you try it on your next vacation if it’s not allowed where you live!

New Jersey

Most of you most have heard about the famous Atlantic City, famous as the party and casino town in New Jersey. What many might not know is that since 2013 it’s allowed to play online casino within the state. We constantly see new casinos pop-up here so make sure you check our top-list of New Jersey Online Casinos that we keep updated.


It is not many years ago since Pennsylvania decided to open up online casino within the state. Today it’s one of the biggest gambling states in the US according to the revenue generated by casinos.

Within the state of Pennsylvania you will find casino gambling, horse racing, betting and more forms of gambling.


Something interesting in Delaware is that they have only legalized online casino and not sports betting. They where actually one of the first states to allow gambling within the state. Today you will find a big selection of casino sites to choose from.

West Virginia

Last state to allow online casino is West Virginia, so far there is not that many casinos operating there but we are sure that we will see a big increase. We will make sure you keep you updated with the best casino bonuses available in WV.

Where to find the best bonus?

It can be confusing at first with all different bonuses, rules and many other things. We have simplified it down to a few steps on how to find the best bonus.

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Step 1
Find a casino that you like

In the top-list you will find a big selection of casinos. Choose the one that you like.

Step 2
Open Quick Facts for more details

Here you will find much more information, states available, payment details and much more.

Step 3
Read bonus details section

Here you will find everything you need to know about the casino bonus. Everything from wagering to maximum deposit.

Step 4
Get started!

Now when you understand the bonus, then you are ready to go. Click collect bonus and start playing.

Bottom line

The United States online casino market offers an unexploited potential that is attracting significant players within and outside the country. The recent US Supreme Court ruling has enabled individual states to be more open to online gambling practices. And as the competition among casino platforms rises, casino owners employ various methods to woo more traffic to their sites. Currently, bonuses are typically used by top platforms to increase player traffic to their sites. This article provides all essential information online casino bonus in the US.